Cohousing design

The Wild Co-op is searching for a third partner!

A partner who values a supportive community, cooperative nature, and honors all life as part of our family and relatives. Join our healthy village with resilient social, economic, cultural, and educational guilds and create a building block of a much needed new biotic culture. 

Our fertile 16-acre land is situated on a gently sloped, south facing side of a lush valley outside of Crawford, Western Slope, CO with a year round sun exposure; ideal for food forest and passive solar houses, such as earthship, cordwood, cob, strawbale, and other sustainable affordable structures built with local and natural materials. There are still no building codes in our county! There is a year-round creek, a seasonal creek, good gravity-fed irrigation and domestic water, as well as rain water catchment and hydroelectric rights. The land is located nearly at the end of a dirt road surrounded by pristine West Elk Wilderness, BLM, and National Forest land, yet it is only 13 miles from Paonia, Colorado.

We see this future partnership as a model for successful living and business cooperation. This voluntary group of individuals with various skills and knowledge but common ethics is creating a healthy living environment for each other, greater community, and all of nature. The business possibilities within the permaculture demonstration and education site allow the community to be financially solvent.

There are many ways to design the land to accommodate community members. The possible sites are ideal for small natural homes with rainwater harvesting abilities. The dwellings can be earth-sheltered with passive solar design to approach zero-net-energy-consumption. The community stuarts the remainder of the land and has shares in the Wild Cooperative LLC which grows in value and quality.

Each member family stewards its residence grounds. The building sites are strategically spread out on the south-facing gently sloped valley side between a county maintained road and a year-round creek at the bottom of the valley. All sites pose excellent solar gain possibilities with anywhere from nine to fifteen hours of sunlight a day throughout the year (even at the shortest day of the year none are blocked from the sun path – check our detailed site analysis). Each site offers great natural home building opportunities; is private but at the same time close to community and abundant land features.

Community house and garden and lower building site