2016/early 2017 accomplishments and goals


A private access to the land is created at the top east corner of the property. We officially have an address now (for good or for worse…).

IMG_8912 - IMG_8913


We are still working on finishing of the 800-square-foot community building. Insulation and finishing touches are in progress. Major tree work was done around the building to protect it from any damage from storms. We also have an approved septic system plumbed to the building.



A 1650-Watt solar power system was purchased and is in the final stages of installation.


Just kidding… but I love my solar cooker



1500-gallon concrete cistern was buried at the top north-east corner of the property for gravity fed water system. The pipes are buried below the frost line.


We had two top bar hives housing honey bees but unfortunately the winter wasn’t kind to them. We have placed some bait hives to catch some new local swarms. We will try to change the location of the hives so the bees can have every hour of the winter sun.



A 75′ x 24′ greenhouse was installed for season extension. Unfortunately, the roof frame of the structure ended up being too flat and the greenhouse wasn’t shedding snow efficiently. We will need to adjust the framing to create a steeper roof.



We have fence posts ready to be pounded into the ground. We need to finish the perimeter fence to partially protect the land from free roaming cattle since they are coming on our side of the mountain this year.


We are actively looking for partners to share this beautiful place and create a supportive community. We see this future partnership as a model for successful living and business cooperation. This voluntary group of individuals with various skills and knowledge but common ethics is creating a healthy living environment for each other, greater community and nature. The business possibilities within the permaculture demonstration and education site allow the community to be financially solvent.

There are many ways to design the land to accommodate community members with a private quarter of an acre to one acre. The possible sites are ideal for small (under 600 square feet) natural homes. The dwellings can be earth-sheltered with passive solar design to approach zero-net-energy-consumption. The community stuarts the remainder of the land and has shares in the Wild Cooperative which grows in value and quality.


Proposed building sites 4

If you’re interested, please reach out to us at wildcooperative@hotmail.com for more information. We are open to discussion, owner financing, and see many possibilities how we can make this happen. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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