July 6 Bioregional Herbalism with herbalist John Slattery

July 6, 2019


Workshop fee – $75

In this workshop we will explore the fundamental aspects of becoming a bioregional herbalist: developing relationship with place and the plants within it as we amble through the lush riparian landscape of the Smith Fork on the western slope in Colorado.

Bioregional herbalism is about getting to know the plants within your home environment. But not just by name. The sensorial relationship of knowing a plant within its natural home landscape carries with it a rich fabric of information and inter-relatedness that hard data does not possess. The intimacy experienced through this type of relationship is what strengthens our connection to all of Nature and informs us about our place in it and what is happening all around us. This includes how to heal ourselves.

To register please go to http://www.johnjslattery.com/upcoming-events/2019/7/6/bioregional-herbalism-plant-energetics-and-healing-with-nature

John is a bioregional herbalist helping people develop relationship with wild plants. Seeking out local traditional knowledge and fostering relationships with traditional healers John works towards keeping traditional knowledge alive while embuing it with new perspective gleaned through deep relationship with plants. He founded Desert Tortoise Botanicals, a bioregional herbal product company, in Tucson, AZ in 2005 in order to bring his wildharvested plant medicines to the people of the Southwest. He maintains his Vitalist clinical practice in Tucson, AZ and offers plant walks, foraging expeditions, field trips into Sonora, Mexico, and his annual Sonoran Herbalist Apprenticeship Program featuring multi-day field study excursions into the mountains of Arizona and Sonora. He enjoys traveling to new bioregions, learning new plants, and to encourage people to become bioregional in their approach.

John received training with herbalist Michael Moore at his Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, and at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism.

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