About us

The Wild Cooperative is an education and demonstration site in Western Colorado. In the spirit of biocentrism and collaboration, this site is offering creative space for workshops, activism, and community-building. Our vision is to be surrounded by energy efficient homes, perennial food forest gardens, healthy soils and clean reliable water. Just as we design this resilient system on the ground we nurture similarly supportive social, economic, cultural, and educational guilds. This vision was created in the minds of Stanley and Ewelina and is being implemented by them on the ground.

Stanley has eight years of experience as a facilities manager at the New York Mohonk Preserve. He is a skilled conventional carpenter and a plumber but his heart is in natural building and design. He is working on his masonry heater builder’s certification from the Masonry Heater Association and is passionate about sustainable and efficient heating and cooking sources. Stanley loves the outdoors and is an avid climber, white water kayaker, and a hang gliding pilot. His dream is to go back to learning herbalism and apply this knowledge in his own life and the life of his loved ones. Through organized nature walks a greater community would benefit from his foraging skills.

Ewelina has been a forensic science practitioner and educator for about 13 years within the criminal justice system and a university. She believes there’s a better way to provide safety and conflict mediation in a society then through our current adversarial program. She studies nonviolent communication, mediation, and village building techniques to create and be a part of a restorative social structure that serves all involved parties. With a solid natural science background to build on, she is taking soil biology classes to improve the soil food web under our feet and help the ecosystem above the ground to repair itself. She holds a Permaculture Design Certificate from Geoff Lawton.